Dr. Anna Vishart at Digital Dental Studio in Dedham

Dedham Digital Dental Studio by Dr. Anna Vishart

A Fusion of State of The Art Technology and Good Old Fashion Neighborly Kindness in Dedham, MA


Dedham Digital Dental Studio by Dr. Anna Vishart

A Fusion of State of The Art Technology and Good Old Fashion Neighborly Kindness in Dedham, MA

  • Digital Dental Studio - Our Technology
  • 3D imaging at our dental office

Our Technology

Only the best is good enough!

Our technology allows us to perform the highest level of infection prevention, restore dentition with outstanding precision aided by our intraoral scanner that captures images at the highest resolution and trueness. Milling units that allow same day crowns. We also have cat scan and 3D imaging that in conjunction takes implant dentistry to the next level.

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Our Wellness Plan

Our Wellness plan helps those who want to re-evaluate their existing dental plan, those who don’t have dental insurance and those on a fixed income address their dental concerns.

Did you know that dental insurance in the fifties covered an average of one thousand dollars a year? Fast forward over 50 years and it still covers an average one thousand dollars.

What differentiates our wellness plan with the typical dental insurance plan is that there is no cap, no preauthorization, and it covers your preventive care.

It is a great option for the whole family!

If you are interested, give our Dedham dental office a call for more details.


What People Are Saying

    Warm greetings and smiles all around (no pun intended) office and equipment are state of the art. Same day crowns no lab! Coffee, personalized experience what more could you ask for?
    I highly recommend Dr. Anna Vishart and her dental team here in Dedham. Great dentist and hygienist in a beautiful, state of the art and comfortable setting!
    The so very friendly atmosphere from everyone only adds to the expert dental work performed by Dr. Vishart and her team. Annie is wonderful as the office manager in all correspondence and follow through with patients.
    Amazingly impressive new office space which is incredibly convenient - right in Dedham Square, yet best of all, the personalized and professional service continues.
    Everybody was great here!!!! Jan, Chrissy, and Annie were great and very polite and friendly, The Doc herself is very knowledgeable and made everything painless… Def. 5 stars deserved, coming back for sure, their free coffee got me…
    Over the years I have had extensive and expensive dental work in numerous dental offices. I have never had such a pleasant and professional experience as I had at Dr. Vishart’s practice. She is lovely, very kind and highly competent.
    This place is wonderful! They go above and beyond to help you. They accommodated me in every way possible and for that I am thankful. 5/5 stars
  • Denisse Desesa-smith
    Dr. Vishart and her staff provided excellent care with top of the line equipment. They are welcoming, talented, compassionate and sensitive. Make you feel comfortable and well cared for at all times. Give them a try! You will not be dissappointed.
    Denisse Desesa-smith
  • JOE Lipowsky
    Careful, gentle pleasant dentistry. Highly recommend. Dr. Vishart takes care and great pride in her work.
    JOE Lipowsky
    I use to worry about my visits from the dentist. I am very comfortable here. They found and corrected issues with teeth that my other dentist missed. Also most important they helped me understand and explained how insurance was going to pay for most of my issues. Happy teeth and wallet finally!
    State of the art practice and the very friendly knowledgeable dentist and staff.
    Extraordinary dentist. Dra Vishart is absolutely kind and very professional. I am very happy I came to the clinic as I have heard from many recommendations she is one of the best in Boston. And I can guarantee that her services are among the best I’ve had in my life.
  • bill g.
    Everyone there was so helpful, and explained so much to me about fillings and cavities. To think I just stumbled across them. I wish I met everyone sooner. They found things my last dentist missed. I thought old Dentist was the bee's knees. Only missed a cavity and small case of periodontal disease. Ya really. And Digital Dental Studio has the latest and greatest of Technology! Five stars!
    bill g.
  • sabrina
    Wonderful experience. Dr. Anna Vishart does amazing work and the staff is so understanding and kind.
  • Joe Coyne
    Everyone was very professional and went above and beyond to make you feel welcome. Not to mention that I had a problem tooth that they fixed! Can't ask for more than that!
    Joe Coyne
  • Hans Waldmann
    Anna is a great Dentist. She is really kind an attentive to the patients comfort. Her new office is really modern and cool. I highly recommend Anna!
    Hans Waldmann
    Dr. Anna Vishart and her first-rate dental team give patients not only new smiles but also brand new reasons to smile. If you can't stand going to the dentist, try Dr. Anna Vishart's swanky new Digital Dental Studio. Located in the heart of Dedham village, this dentist's office delivers state-of-the-art digital dentistry with good, old-fashioned neighborly kindness and compassion - not to mention Netflix to keep you entertained between procedures! It is an uplifting experience to be around a team of dedicated professionals who genuinely enjoy working together. Expect to be greeted like a friend or favorite relative. You may not expect to find this treatment, as well as reasonable annual treatment programs, right in Dedham Square.

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