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The only cause of dental decay and periodontal disease and eventually tooth loss due to both,
is bacteria that multiply in dental plaque.


Exams and Hygiene

Our goal is prevention. Periodontal disease and decay are totally preventable. The sole responsible source of developing these diseases is Plaque. Through periodic exams and professional cleanings at our Dedham dental office, plaque is eliminated. Most people are not aware of the Mouth-Body connection. Keeping excellent oral health will lower your risk to develop systemic diseases. Through the meticulous and outstanding care provided by our highly experienced, compassionate, and friendly hygienists preventive care is achieved. Prevention is the goal of our practice.

Your comprehensive evaluation covers periodontal health screenings, plaque index, tooth related problems and oral cancer screenings.


Fotona Laser Periodontal Treatment

Conventional methods involve the use of mechanical instruments and chemical disinfectants,usually in a surgical manner,which involves cutting the gum tissue,severe bleeding,stitches and a long recovery time. Laser treatment,on the other hand,can be performed without surgery in a minimally invasive way. It has a high success rate and short recovery time because of its deep disinfection capability and accompanying reduction in pocket depths.

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