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Our robotic assisted dental implant technology, is minimally invasive and done in one day.

Dental Implants in a day

Single missing teeth can be replaced the same day depending on your specific case. Living another day without a full smile is unnecessary with our cutting-edge technology.

Full Arch Dental Implants

Struggling with dentures or many missing teeth? In most cases you can obtain a full smile fixed restoration in one visit. A team composed of a surgeon, a restorative dentist and a lab technician will restore you complete dentition in as little as a 4 hours.

Implant Supported Dentures

Are a great alternative to traditional dentures because the prosthesis is held in place with maximum stability aided by two implants that provide anchorage to hold the prosthesis in increasing comfort and security.

Yomi Robotic Guided Surgery

This technology allows Dr. Cifuni to safely place dental implants with the highest precision and accuracy. Robotic surgery is becoming the standard of care in medicine and now we’re making it available in dentistry.

Your own power to heal L-PRF

Your own blood is used to isolate natural components (growth factors, white blood cells and fibrin) which assist in bone regeneration and enhance recovery. A natural choice pure and simple.


Laser assisted new attachment procedure.
An FDA-cleared laser treatment that offers a less painful, more successful treatment alternative to conventional surgery. This is the only scientifically, research proven methodology that results in true periodontal regeneration, new bone growth and gum tissue reattachment.


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