Cleanings and Home Care Instruction.


The only cause of dental decay and periodontal disease is bacteria that multiply in dental plaque. The key to oral health is the control of plaque. Through meticulous and outstanding care provided by our highly experienced hygienists preventive care is achieved. Prevention is goal of our practice.

We offer the following restorative procedures:


Our goal is prevention. Periodontal disease and decay is totally preventable. The sole responsible source of developing these diseases is Plaque. Through periodic exams and professional cleanings, plaque is eliminated. Most people are not aware of the Mouth-Body connection. Keeping excellent oral health will lower your risk to develop systemic diseases. Your comprehensive evaluation covers periodontal health screenings, plaque index, tooth related problems and oral cancer screenings.


It’s been over 20 years since we stopped using amalgam fillings (commonly known as silver fillings). Why? First and most important, eventually they will fracture the tooth because they expand and contract at a higher rate than the tooth structure when exposed to thermal changes. Second, the mercury content and third… esthetics.

But we have taken it to the next level. We will furnish a beautiful, tooth color restoration using a Bio-Active material.

What is a Bio Active restorative material? Well, it is a smart material! That:

  1. Rebuilds Teeth: Bioactive materials support the natural remineralization process by providing essential minerals, such as calcium and phosphates, the basic building blocks of teeth, and fluoride. Remineralization strengthens teeth and helps protect them for acid attack.

  2. Protects against cavities: Some dental materials wear away over time, leaving spaces where cavities can form. Bioactive materials create a seal between the tooth and the material to keep out decay.

  3. Looks natural: Esthetic bioactive materials are the same color as real teeth and come in a variety of shades.

  4. Affordable: Bioactive materials don’t cost any more than conventional white filling materials.

    Source: Pulpdent International

  • A CROWN is a full coverage restoration, that encircles the tooth, protecting the remaining tooth structure. When a tooth has become debilitated due to extensive decay, fracture or large old fillings; a full coverage restoration is needed to improve long term prognosis of the specific tooth. If you have lost a tooth and replaced it with an implant, an implant crown is placed.

Thanks to our State-of-The-Art Technology, we can scan (no more uncomfortable impressions and gagging) mill your beautiful porcelain crown and deliver it in one appointment!, while you are waiting enjoy an expresso, snacks and music in our private lounge area.

  • SMILE DESIGN: A beautiful smile is the best thing you can wear. Or as the say, a window to your soul if through a beautiful smile.

During the smile design process, we like to co-create through co-participation between the patient and the doctor. We will start with photography, followed by a digital mock-up, then proceed to the transitional phase in which we can do subtle changes until we achieve the best esthetics outcome for each individual case. You will be able to see your new smile through 3D models and finally utilizing our advanced technology, we will deliver your beautiful veneers or crowns in a couple of days!

  • VENEERS: Are a very conservative approach to alter the shape, length or position of your teeth. It’s a very thin layer of porcelain that is bonded to your tooth. Think of it as a contact lens.

  • MILLED INLAYS AND ONLAYS: We always try the most conservative approach first for our patients. If we can restore the tooth with a conventional filling using Bioactive materials, that will be our first choice because it would require the least amount of tooth reduction. But if the tooth needs to be protected due to loss of tooth structure, our next most conservative approach is either an inlay or an onlay. These restorations are milled fillings made of porcelain or hybrid materials that will replace the lost structure, strengthening the remaining tooth structure. And we use Bioactive cements! “The bioactive cement will prevent decay because it chemically bonds to teeth, seals against micro-leakage, releases more calcium, phosphate and fluoride into the tooth”.

  • BOTOX AND DERMAL FILLERS: Dental Facial plastics is an exciting new area in the world of restorative dentistry. Due to the ever-changing presentation of the tissues surrounding the oral cavity, reversible treatment options are advantageous when smile esthetics is a concern.

  • TMJ DISORDERS: Simply put, it is the loss between functional and anatomic harmony. The masticatory system involves much more than teeth alone, it is intimately related to the supporting structures around them and one affects the other. Our goal is to help regain a harmonious enviroment where healthy teeth, joints, periodontum and musculature, with the best esthetic result, function optimally.

  • OCCLUSAL SPLINTS AND NIGHTGUARDS: Are diagnostic, relaxing, repositioning and reversible devices that will re-establish neuromuscular harmony that an individual has lost due to bruxism, clenching, an accident, dental wear, etc. They are used for Temporomandibular disorders or to protect teeth from wear or even for occlusal stabilization.

  • IMPLANT SUPPORTED DENTURES: An implant supported denture can be fixed (you do not remove) or removable (attached to an implant by different means to increase stability and function) that offer multiple benefits of implant-based therapy such as increased chewing capacity, nutritional increase, stability, better esthetics and increased self-esteem.

  • WHITENING: Using carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide we can lighten teeth by removing stains and discoloration than accumulates through the years. You can have an in-office whitening that is faster or have a professional strength take home kit. We have the lastest technology available.

We also offer conventional dentures, removable partials, bonding, sport guards; among other procedures.